As a guitarist, I LOVE RHYTHM. It keeps the music moving, I feel the melody and solos scratch from within. I grew up listening to the Stones, R.E.M., The Who, and great 80's, Alternative Rock. The best songs always had catchy hooks and riffs. I'm a big fan of the RIFF, or a part of a song that sticks in your mind, and takes you to a moody place.

I started originally as a guitarist in several bands, and eventually grew into a solo performer, who couldn't be happier. I put my heart and soul into ALL performances. You'll hear obscure stuff and classic examples of great rock n' roll. I'll also throw in original music that mixes nicely with all my influences. I make the tunes my own. If you appreciate soaring vocals, upbeat grooves, with an honest delivery, check out my playing schedule. I'll hope to see you soon !

A selection of the bands I perform.

phone: 610-764-0197

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Dennis Grabowski Acoustic-electric ock